Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creating Keepsakes Convention-Nashville, TN

This was my first Creating Keepsakes event. My best girlfriend, Somer Jane and I went together to experience scrapping bliss! One of the classes we signed up for was a card swap. This was the card I created to swap with 20 other ladies. I know I'm wearing this pour owl out I've made so many different owl cards lately. I just can't's my favorite one to make!

We decided to make it a getaway and stayed at the Opryland Hotel where the convention was located. We are fortunate enough to be within driving distance to this amazing indoor retreat. The hotel features a plethora of vegetation inside a glass ceiling. It also features large scale buildings with restaurants, stores, waterfalls, gazebos and an indoor fountain(mini version of Las Vegas).

We went to Wasabi's for lunch to eat sushi, my favorite...California cream cheese roll.

I could have spent a thousand dollars easily. There were so many cool treasures. Sadly, I walked away leaving a few things behind for someone else to buy. ;-)
Me with some of my loot!

Acting silly....

Thanks Somer Jane, I had a BLAST with you! Your the BEST!

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  1. HA HA HA!!

    I need to add these to my blog, myspace and facebook! (when i get a minute one day of course! ha)

    These truly show how much fun we have together and I'm glad that we made these memories together this past weekend!!

    Soo shiny and full of body...dang you should do a hair commercial or something!! ha ha

    The last pic the donkey looks like he is eating my hair! ha ha ha