Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Gifts for My Best Girlie Girl

I always try to make handmade gifts for the special people in my life for special occasions. My best girly girl had a birthday saturday. We celebrated by going to Opry Mills to shop and eat. It was nice to get out without our children and have some girl time!

She LOVES handbags. This was my first time making one. I made it from a FREE pattern from Once you sign up for their newsletter they give you several free patterns. Next, I am making one for myself! ;-)

and more cards....


  1. What TALENT you have my dear!!
    When are you going to open a boutique shop up to sell your wares!! ;-)
    Who knows one day?!


  2. You're jaded by your love for me my best girlie girl!!! ;-) But go ahead keep pumping my head up!

  3. Hi, I love the bag and those wonderful cards that you made! You are very creative, my compliments!