Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mosaic Pot

This is a pot I made twelve years ago. The tiles were several discontinued patterns from a Spa and Pool store that I got for FREE. I made the mistake of planting a plant directly in the pot instead of placing another pot inside it. Which is what caused the cracks and discoloration in some spots of the grout. Since The Year of Color blog this month is concentrating on the color blue I thought I would take it down from it's prominent spot on top of my kitchen cabinets and take it's picture to share on the blog. I'm very proud of this pot because it's from my beginning days of crafting.


  1. PRETTY!!!

    I love it since the stones remind me of the of my favorite things!

  2. How fun!! Everything looks so neat! Those button ornaments were awesome, i will be copying that one for next year:)