Monday, January 5, 2009

Year of Color inspired candle

I joined A Year Of Color blog. It's purpose is to focus on different colors each month. During the month there will be crafting tutorials, party and decor ideas, photography, and journaling prompts. I can't wait to see art through the eyes of others from our group. Today's craft was to decorate the outside of a tall candle. Our colors this month are blue and white. I have been working on this glitter snowflake for a couple days with the intention of placing it on a card. When I saw this craft I knew it would be better suited for the candle. I LOVE glitter!


  1. Beautiful, love the glitter too...

  2. oooohhh sparklllllyyyyy!!!

    ya know I love the sparkles!

    But since my favortie color is blue this makes this craft even more super awesome-fab-tabulous!!! hee