Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Christmas Tree and ornaments

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!! :-) Several years ago I started a tradition in our house to make at least one homemade ornament for the tree. This is a tradition that my stepdaughter, Mercedes and I have immensely enjoyed doing together for several years. Meara is now old enough to enjoy this tradition too. She and I made several ornaments this year. One we made strickly as give aways and the other we placed on the tree. I also have a thing for santa ornaments and my favorite color for the tree is red. As a matter of fact our tree has become a sea of red. We have collected elves for the tree and really like our ladders they climb on to hang the christmas lights.

There are ladders that go sideways and up from the bottom on the left and broken into three segments on the right side with elves climbing on them stringing lights. At the bottom is Mickey's Ski Slope which we all LOVE to watch Mickey and his pals climb and slide down around the tree.

This is one of the ornaments Meara and I made together this year.
This is one of my favorites that we've made. I LOVE red, buttons and ribbon!!!! :-)
A close up of the giant candy canes

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